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In my opinion, he was the most beautiful stayer of the decade, the most "classy" after all. And those who watched him cruisin' at high speed up on the track during the European championship warm-up some parisian evening in October 2016  will not be those who contradict me.


Of course, we should have prefered to get this interview when Patrick was an active competitor, but he don't let us the choice when he decided last Falls to quit the stayer races.


I can't make my choice beetween the rider who turn the legs so dizzyly, seeming like absent during his effort, whereas the motorcycle speeding up ?  The one so elegant on the bike - elegance hiding a ferocious "grinta" when time was come for struggle - ? The man with the ideal posture behind the pacemaker (Ah, those arms straight tighten on the handle-bar, the ideal stayer's posture in my judgement ...)


One thing is certain : if the stayer races will not miss a lot to Patrick, stayer's race will miss Patrick Kos.  To go on and keep his credibility, the stayer comptetions will have to find quickly somebody to replace him ! Because Patrick was the opposite of the harmless, forgettable stayer. His sparkling sequences were not only managed for his victories, but too fot his unsuccessful assaults,which  thus way became great feats too.


Hard fighter at home till the last meters of the race in the 2010 European championship edition, trying everything to impede the irresistible race of Guiseppe Atzeni, struggling desperatly in the 2016 final (I still have in mind the noise of the Yamaha motorcycle of Willem Fack his pacemaker, during his full gas attack and the afraided glance of the German rider during his assault)  This evening he was first hard fighter, then dignified withdrawer, both of them letting us orphans of the race. And last year in Berlin, he played his last partition, overturning a race which seemed already locked, beating like a dog for his team mate Reinier Honig,  demolishing the German coalition, letting the current European champion himself  completely stunned. This day, once again, Patrick was not on the podium, but he put his trademark on the race. 


So for you Patrick, for me too, great supporter of the rider like I am, and for the STAYER FR crew, I really wanted to pay tribute at this unique rider, which I ask you to salute the carreer through this interview, in which, like he did on the track, he sure will not let you indifferent.










STAYER FR : " Date and place of birthday please ? "

Patrick KOS : " September 21th 1986 in Alkmaar  "


STAYER FR : " Is Patrick your single first name, or do you have an other one ? "  

Patrick KOS : " No, my only name is Patrick in my passport."


STAYER FR : " Have you some brothers or sisters ? Their first names ? " 

Patrick KOS : " I’ve got 2 younger brothers; Christian and Michael. Christian turns 28 on June 2. He is a stayer as well and still racing. Michael will turn 25 in December, he did race bikes til a few years, but he didn’t liked it so much as Christian and I did. "

With Christian, Amsterdam -  Falls, 2014



STAYER FR : " Married, single ? Child(ren) ? " 

Patrick KOS : " I’m living together with my girlfriend, Hanna (29 years old). We don’t have any kids yet. "


STAYER FR : " Where do you live ? Is Alkmaar, your hometown ? "  

Patrick KOS : " Since last year, we bought a house in Bergen. This is a smaller town, close to Alkmaar, but closer to the coast. "


STAYER FR : " I struggled a lot to get through the web some poor informations about you and the teams you ran for. Would you please confirm or complete the teams you ran for during your career ? "

Patrick KOS : " Sure :

1999 - 2004    Alcmaria Victrix                (Holland)

2005               Diametal - Colnago NHT    (Belgium)

2006               Löwik Meubelen CT          (Holland)

2007               Ruiter Dakkapellen           (Holland)

2008 - 2010    Koga Cycling Team           (Holland)

2011               Casati - Named                 (Italy)

2012               Affinity Cycles                  (USA)

2013                D3 Devo                           (USA)

2014 - 2015    Airgas CT                          (USA)

2016               WV Noord-Holland            (Holland) 

2017 - 2018    Theo Schilder MTB Team (Holland) "  


STAYER FR : " Well ... thanks a lot Patrick ( you' ll often notice how the Patrick are usually great guys) ... I suppose stayer races was, first of all, a “family affair” wasn’t it ? Did the example of your father René means a lot when you decided to be a stayer too ? " 

Patrick KOS : " Yes, this was a very important factor in my decision. My father was World Champion Stayer in 1981 (Brno, Czechoslovakia) and this jersey did always

hang in our home and become some kind of inspiration to my brother and myself. In the years before I started racing stayer, my father got his pacer-license and started pacing other Dutch riders and doing some races in Germany. It was then, that my brother Christian started first to try out some stayer races. Not soon after that, I wanted to try this out as well and started after one training ride with a race on the track of Hulshout, Belgium. This was back in the summer of 2010. The first race was not going super, but I enjoyed it. A few weeks later I won my first Dutch National Championship Stayer and it took off from there. "

 René Kos, Weltmeister


STAYER FR : " So, do you remember the first time you got In touch with stayer races ? Do you remember where it was ? Was it on the Alkmaar track ?  " 

Patrick KOS : " The first contacts I had with the sport was in Alkmaar. In the 2000’s, there were still a lot of stayer races in Alkmaar. Even the European championships were held at ‘our’ track a few times. I was intrigued by the speed, tactics and technic, but I was still racing on the road a lot. Besides that, stayer racing had the image that it only was for ‘older’ riders. Stayer racing was only for after your (road) career. It took me some years, before I finally started with the stayers. "


STAYER FR : " Your beginning in competition was   as a track racer or as a road racer ? "  

Patrick KOS : " Both, actually. With a track so close by our home, it was an easy choice. I started riding bikes at the youth categories, doing both track and road. It was not only a good training, it was also very good for the bike handling skills and technique. During my career I’ve always combined both disciplines. Track racing is a perfect addition for road riders, with the souplesse, technique and agility it brings. "


STAYER FR : " Can you state precisely the number of your victories on road and on track ? And indicate your main national or international titles ? How many national stayer title for you ? "

Patrick KOS : " On the track, I’ve won most races in stayer races, but I can’t let you know the exact number. I’ve won 10 national title in various disciplines on the track; from points race to stayer. Six of these titles were stayer championships. Besides the titles, I’ve had podium places at national championships over 30 times, also on the time trial on the road for example."

" International titles has just been one, the European championship stayer in 2011 (Nürnberg, Germany). I’ve won all three different colors of medals at European championships, only at the last two European championships, I didn’t made it to the podium. "   

" Both on the road and on the track I’ve won plenty races. During my road career, I’ve won criteriums, classics and stages in some stage races all over the world. One of my nicest memories are two stage win in the Tour of Cameroon. "



STAYER FR : " Why do you quit whereas you widely still have the shape and value to win races and titles in the stayer’s races at least ? "

Patrick KOS : " The last two years the joy of racing was also disappearing. The stayer world is a world apart and it was not my cup of tea, it never was. In stayer racing the tactics and relations with other riders is very important for a good result. You can help each other so much in races, that this is a huge factor. I was used from the road races that the most important factor for a good result is yourself and your own decisions during races."

" With stayer racing, in most races the smartest racer will win, not the strongest. I never could accepted this and this was always having a big negative impact on my joy of stayer racing. With my talent and shape, I have come a long way and could always get still good results. With the less good shape of the last years, this was getting more and more an issue, until I decided to quit it. I think this decision was already made in 2016 at the European Championships in Paris, which was a huge deception and a confirmation of what was bothering me. In 2017 I did the races, but I didn’t do it with joy. "   

" The main reason is that I started working a full-time job three years ago. It is not that I don’t get permission from my boss, I think if you ask him, he will prefer that I keep on racing, but it is getting too much. During the week, I’m traveling regularly for work and time to train is limited. Then also being away from home each weekend for racing, was getting too much. "



STAYER FR : " What will you do now ? No regrets ? Will you go on with cycling races field or not at all and will undertake something different ? "

Patrick KOS : " In the cycling, I will pick up mountainbiking. I’ve done a lot of beach races the last few winters with my team (where you ride 40 - 50 km over the beach on a kind of MTB), which I enjoy. Here always the strongest rider wins. This summer I will do some MTB Marathon races in Belgium and Germany and I’ll start training for a MTB stage race in South Africa in October, Cape Pioneer. After this season, I will make a decision for 2019 and decide if I’ll keep doing these races or quit it all and just do it for fun. " 

" Until now no regrets, but it has also not been too long. I will concentrate me on my daily job and be successful in that area. It feels good to put my energy in something else and try to succeed. "



STAYER FR : " What will miss you now : the thrill of the competition ? The feelings during the high-speed attacks behind the motorcycles ? The wood of the track of Alkmaar ?  " 

Patrick KOS : " I will miss the joy of racing. Not all the tactic games, what I wrote in one of the previous questions, but to unleash all your energy in that 1 big race, the goal of the season. To put all of your training of the whole year and sacrifices into one big power explosion and fight for the win to make all the training worthwile. The high speeds attacks is there a big factor in, it is a great adrenaline rush if you fly on full speed past your opponent. "



STAYER FR : " Talking about memories, I am curious to know what happened in 2016 at the european championship in St Quentin en Yvelines. You seemed so strong during the warm-up the days before the final. I was watching you after your retirement, you were mute, like absent. What did you have in mind this special day ? "

Patrick KOS : " That is maybe one of my biggest disappointments of my career. That should have been the race where I could quit my stayer career with an extra European titel, but it didn’t worked out that way. The track was perfect for me, very similar to our track in Alkmaar. My biggest competitor, Schäfer, was more the guy for the big gears and open concrete tracks, I should have been the better rouleur on the small, limited gear."

" The series went perfect, I discussed with my pacer to set a good pace to let the legs sweat a bit, to sweat out the car drive from Holland. We won our serie easily.

Then the final, in my head I could only accept a first place, second place was not what I’ve came for. The only competitor I had was Schäfer, the rest of the riders were not important. With the draw, I didn’t draw a good starting position, two  of the three Germans started in front of me, the third German, just behind me. We knew that two of the Germans were only there to ride against me."


"  The race started and I felt good. Until a few laps in and the third German rider came over me and passed me easily, we were too late to catch him and to refuse to let him past us. That was the begin of the end. This third  German rider forced us to try to attack and pass him by slowing down, while Schäfer, who was already in the lead, was almost in my back already. It took a few laps until my pacer decided to attack the German rider, but he did this with such a high acceleration and speed that I couldn’t keep up with him and lost the roll. This was such a setback that I decided to just quit the race. All my hopes on the title were gone, that was the only thing I did came for. I quit the race with a head of shattered dreams, after only a few laps in the race."

" Many people have come to me after the race and the days after the final, asking why I didn’t continue the race and tried to get on the podium nevertheless. But for this race I only had one goal and that goal was flown aftertwenty laps. In my character, I’m a winner, can’t stand losing, than it was better to quit the race.

The race continued and Schäfer won the title. In my opinion, and I think a lot of people can agree, it was one of the most boring Championships after I quit the race. The rest of the field was riding aimlessly and only riding for their place in the final results. Schiewer got second, protecting Schäfer, but he didn’t had to do anything. Atzeni finished third, not trying a single attack on the Germans, to protect his podium spot ".


 2016 on the Saint-Quentin-en-Yelines' national track


STAYER FR : " 2017 : I watched on tv  the tremendous work you supplied in the European championship to blast-off the German racers who locked the race till then. It was a quite impressive assault. Was it just an inspiration, a sudden idea, or was it a special tactical trick prepared before the race to help Reinier Honig ? "

Patrick KOS : " The last two championships were my biggest disappointments. The race in Paris was obvious, but this race was also a disappointment to confess. After Paris in 2016, I decided to not race any European Championships anymore. It was until August 2017 when my father and the other Dutch riders Kaldenbach and Besteman almost begged me to race it one last time, so I could quit stayer racing after this. With the memories of the disappointments of Paris, I finally decided to help the other Dutch riders, so I could quit the racing with one last good memory."

" My shape was far from good and I didn’t train too much for it. During the weekend, I actually felt pretty good, but not in the way that I could take the win. Maybe only a podium spot if everything went well, but that was the maximum achievable. In my serie, I went through as second, behind Schäfer, without suffering too much. Reinier Honig went through as well, but suffered a lot more to keep out Atzeni from the final. Jeroen Kaldenbach didn’t made it through the serie unfortunately."


" In the final it were three Germans and two Dutch riders, myself and Reinier. We knew that the roles in the German camp were reversed compared to the year before; Schäfer would now help Schiewer to get the title, the third rider would first do the dirty work for the other two. I knew my chances to win were limited, so Reinier and I agreed on that we will both ride our own race and were I could help Reinier, I would do it, because his goal was to win the race.

The draw of the start position was again not in my favor and I had to start at the back of the pack. In the first quarter of the race, I was fighting with Schiewer in the back of the peloton, until he passed us and we were the last of the favorites. My pacer and I decided to wait for the leaders, Schäfer, and forcing them to pass us, so we could tire him down to help out Reinier, but to through away my own chances. The same we did with Schiewer, but when Reinier came, we let him pass easily. During the race we did this several times with both Schiewer and Schäfer, wearing them down, so that Reinier’s chances would increase. Due to the inexperience of the pacer of Reinier and that he was not strong enough, he couldn’t defeat Schiewer and ended up second. I ended up finally 5th, but did a ton of work for my team-mate. When the pacer of Reinier also had some eye for me and helped me a bit as well, my result could have improved, but podium was too far away for me.

Directly after the race, the disappointment from Reinier was high and blamed my pacer and me that we didn’t helped him, although it was for everybody obvious that I tried everything to help him out. If I would have ridden more Championships in the future, I wouldn’t do it again, but just go for my own chances. "



STAYER FR : " The STAYER FR crew appreciate to make them know the feelings and memories of the riders. So, can you confirm than your best memory - talking about the cycling races field – was your european championship title ? And in affirmative, can you give us some details about this special race ? "

Patrick KOS : " Yes, probably the European championship title in 2011 was my best memory. This is the greatest success and title anyone can achieve in the stayer discipline (while there is no World Championship) and you can always say that you’ve been a European Champion."

" Maybe the race where I did get the most joy out of, was in 2017 the Grosser Pfingstpreis in Forst (Germany). This is always the opening of the stayer season, a race where 2 - 3 thousand spectators come and watch the race. I only started training a few weeks before this race, my competitors came to me before the race if it was true what Strava was telling them, I only trained 2000 km that year. The first race I was nowhere, the first three riders (Schäfer, Atzeni and Schiewer) all took laps on me. I was happy that I could keep fourth place in the first leg. I saw the first three  riders fighting with each other and suffering, my father (who was my pacer) and I just rode our own speed without suffering."

" The second leg started the same as the first, where the first three started attacking each other again. The first to ‘die’ in the race, was Schiewer. He came back and was killed by the speed and the attacks and we moved up to third place. Suddenly Schäfer got a flat tire, he got down off the track, but it took him ages before he finally changed his wheel. He then got back on the track, but his pacer, Peter Bauerlein, didn’t got back in the race at the right spot. They got back in first place, while they had to get back onto second place. Atzeni, who was the leader, stayed behind Schäfer, so it took him too long to get back to his place in the race. With all this hussle, I caught back on these two  riders. In the final laps of the race, I kept my speed and passed both riders, taking the win in the second race. After the race, the judges decided to place Schäfer at the last position of the result, which made me move up to the first place in the final results, taking also the overall win. We came for just some good racing, with no expectations at all, but we returned with the win. It was probably one of my strangest win."


" The most hilarious memory was a race in Nürnberg, I believe it was 2013. The race was on a Wednesday and the weekend before, I accidentally cut my foot open because I stepped with my bare foot on a piece of glass. I got a few stitches in my foot after the accident and I got crutches to support my foot during walking. While I had good memories on that track, I wanted to ride the race, but this was very uncertain. Eventually, I tried my foot out during a roller session the day before. It felt OK, so I decided to start and participate in the race. Although the foot was wrapped with bandage, during pedaling the pain was not too bad. With walking, however, I still had to support it because of the stitches on the bottom side of my foot. When the races were starting, I had to walk with the crutches to my bike, get on it and then it was OK. It must have been some sight for the spectators to see one of the riders having to use crutches to get to his bike. The race went well and I ended on the podium, to which I had to walk also with the crutches. Luckily this only happened once."



STAYER FR :  " Talking about stayer races, have you lived moments like this. Tell us the worst you lived "

Patrick KOS : " If I have to mention one bad memory, would be the period of races after the European Championships in 2011. After I won the title in Nürnberg in August there were still several races left. I wanted to show my jersey with some big results, to show that I was the best stayer at that moment."

"  However, it has been a long season, where I rode the whole season from January in Italy on the road. I rode races like the Baby-Giro, but after this whole road-season, plus the European Championship ‘the tank’ was empty, both physically and mentally. I suffered in the races after the European Championships, like the Grosser Herbstpreis in Forst. I just couldn’t find the right form and was fighting for a position in the middle of the field, instead of fighting for the win. That was a pretty frustrating period in my career, but because I wore the jersey, the disappointment was not too big …  "

 2011 : European champion


 " My worst memory we have already mentioned, the European Championships in Paris of 2016. That has been the greatest deception of my career. "

" Besides this race, I can look back at my career with great satisfaction and a lot of good memories. "



STAYER FR : " Do you remember the pacemakers you raced behind during these years ? Who was the one you especially appreciate to run behind ? "

Patrick KOS : " In 2010, when I started with stayer racing, I was looking for a pacer for the Dutch Championships. While all the Dutch pacers were already paired with their own riders, some of the already for a long time, I had to find another pacer. In first instance, I had asked Christian Dippel, one of the best pacers in the world, to pace me for the Championships. Just a few weeks before the Dutch Championships Raymond Rol announced that he wouldn’t be participating. His pacer at that time, Willem Fack, was looking for a rider, so I asked Willem if he wanted to ride with me. We immediately rode well together and showed that we were a good pair. After we won the Dutch Championship we continued to ride together. Fack, however, was not interested in racing all the ‘smaller’ races throughout the season. He wanted only to race the big Championships, so for the other races, I had to find another pacer.Other pacers I have ridden behind, were Christian Dippel (Six-days of Zürich, 2011), Thomas Bauer (Singen, 2016) and Sam Mooij (Chemnitz, 2015). "


" The best pacer I’ve ridden behind, must be my father René. When we started, we were both not very experienced and we had to start on the bottom. Both we started improving together and in a few years, we got op to the top of the stayer-world. Together we were very well attuned to each other, which is perfect for a rider. He knew exactly what I could and, even more important, what I couldn’t. " 

" My father was already pacing for several years, so it was an easy choice to start riding with René. Since 2011, we rode throughout the whole season, traveling through all of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. We won a lot of races, we had some discussions of course, but looking backwards, it was a perfect time.

I haven’t rode with too many different pacers. Basically, my whole career rode with two  different pacers; my father René and Willem Fack. "

 With "Long Tall" Willem Fack  


STAYER FR : " And now, the local question : Did you raced in France ? You remember where ? "

Patrick KOS : " The race in Le Blanc was a very nice race, nice track and good atmosphere. After the race a nice meal with the spectators, the sponsors and the riders, looking back at it, that was one of the nicest races I’ve done. If I could, I would participate in that race again."


" I haven’t ridden a lot in France, unfortunately. I think I’ve only ridden 2 races in France; Paris in 2016 and Le Blanc in 2017. The issue for us, is that the races in France are always a far drive from our home. The races in Western Germany are only 3-4 hours aways, but if we have to travel to France, after 3-4 hours we’re still in Belgium. "



STAYER FR : " At last, and to close this interview, what is the event or the feelings you will keep in mind when you think about all these years passed on the tracks and roads of the world ?  " 

Patrick KOS : " I look with great satisfaction and I wouldn’t have changed anything. The cycling has given me a lot of experiences and knowledge. I’ve travelled the world, got to know a lot of great people and got always a good support from the spectators. Cycling is a sport with deceptions 99% of the time. It takes a lot of sacrifices, but that 1% makes it all worthwile. That 1% for me, are the races like the European Championships of 2011, which makes me look back at my career with joy and satisfaction. "


Patrick KOS, ten national and international titles :

European stayerchmpionship 2011

6 Dutch national stayerchampionship : 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 et 2015 (all of them with his pacemaker Willem Fack)

Dutch Junior championship point race des Pays-Bas junior  2003

Dutch Junior championship scratch race 2004

Dutch championship 2005 by clubs  


Have a look on the photo's Gallery inside the french translated article !



 BEDANKT / THANKS A LOT Patrick for your full cooperation



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